132nd Scientific and Statistical Committee Meeting

Date: June 18-20, 2019
Location: Council Office, Honolulu, HI

132nd SSC agenda
132nd SSC FR Notice

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  1. Introductions
    1. 01(1) CF List part 1-public 06.06.2019
  2. Approval of Draft Agenda and Assignment of Rapporteurs
    1. 02(1) 132nd SSC agenda
    2. 02(2) 132nd SSC FR Notice
  3. Status of the 131st SSC Meeting Recommendations
  4. Report from Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Director
    1. 04(1) PIFSC Rpt to WPFMC_June2019_final
    2. 04.A(1) FY20 PIFSC AGM (8May2019)
  5. Program Planning and Research
    1. 05.A(2) Karp et al. Accountinf for shifting distribution and changing productivity_ICES_JMS_Final_Online_Version
    2. 05.A(1) Karp et al. 2018 Accounting for shifting distribution and changing productivity_Tech Memo
    3. 05.B(1) 01-101-10 NMFS Framework for Determining that SSC and ACL is BSIA
    4. 05.C.1(1) 2019-06-05 Process to Comply with the Modern Fish Act
    5. 05.C.2(1)Second Session of the Spatial Working Group
    6. 05.C.2(2) Report of First Session of SSC Spatial Working Group
    7. 05.D.1(a) Archipelagic Report Overview – American Samoa
    8. 05.D.1(b) Archipelagic Report Overview – Marianas
    9. 05.D.1(c) Archipelagic Report Overview – Hawaii
    10. 05.D.1(d) Archipelagic Report Overview – PRIA
    11. 05.D.2(1) Pelagic FEP SAFE Report 2018 DRAFT
  6.  Island Fisheries
    1. 06.A.1(1) P Star WG Meeting_Kona Crab_Draft Report_v2
    2. 06.A.2(1) 2019-06-11 MHI Kona Crab ABC Setting at 132nd SSC Meeting
    3. 06.A.3(1) SEEM_Star WG Meeting_Kona Crab_FINAL REPORT
    4. 06.B(1) 2019-06-07 Bottomfish Working Group Meeting Report_BFWG reviewed version
    5. Public Comment
    6. SSC Discussion and Recommendations
  7. Protected Species
    1. 07.A(1) OWT Recovery Planning Workshop FR & Agenda
    2. 07.B(1) BlueDyeAnalysis_Feasibility_132SSC_Wren_etal
    3. 07.C(1) Developing Tori Line Min Stds_WorkingPaper_178CM
    4. SSC Member on the Spotlight: Don Kobayashi “Pacific Islands Climate Change Vulnerability Analysis”
  8. SSC Working Group Session
    1. 08.B(1) SSC Subgroup 2 – PIFMAPS
  9. Pelagic Fisheries
    1. 09.C(1) Territory BET Allocation Limit Paper-ACTION ITEM-
    2. 09.D(1) SPC Tuna Tissue Bank Report 2018 SC14
    3. 09.G.1(1)a IATTC SAC Mtg Report IATTC Staff Recommendations
    4. 09.G.1.1(b) IATTC SAC Recommendations to Commission
    5. 9.G.(1).b FINAL 2019 GAC Recommendations to U.S. Section IATTC
    6. 9.G.1(c) FINAL_2019 SAS Recommendations
    7. 9.G.1(d) PAC June 2019 Conference Call Minutes
    8. 09.G.2(1) UN BBNJ Second Mtg Outcomes-f
  10. Other Business
    1. 133rd SSC Meetings Dates
  11. Summary of SSC Recommendations to the Council