172nd Council Meeting

Date: March 14-16, 2018          Time: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location: Laniakea YWCA, Fuller Hall, Honolulu

172 CM Action Item summary
FR Notice
Available parking for council meeting

Can’t make it to the meeting but still want to see what is going on? Check out the live stream of the meeting:

  1. Welcome and Introductions
    1. Council Family List
  2. Approval of the 172nd Agenda
    1. Agenda
    2. FR Notice
  3. Approval of the 171st Meeting Minutes
  4. Executive Director’s Report
  5. Agency Report
    1. NOAA-Priorities-2018
    2. PIRO Report
    3. PIFSC report to the Council
    4. Renaming and Restructuring the Office of the Assistant Secretary – Insular Areas
    6. OLE-PID Enf. Report
    7. NOAA GC Enf report
  6. Hawaii Archipelago & PRIA
    1. Island Report for Hawaii
    2. Hawaii Legislative Report
    3. 30×30 Spatial Planning Workshop_final report_1.16.2018
    4. 2018_01 WPSAR Panel Consensus Report
    5. NOAA_Tech_Memo_PIFSC_69_BottomfishMHI_StockAssessment_2018
    6. Kona Crab WPSAR ToR- Agenda
    7. Hawaii Education and Outreach Report
    8. FINAL REPORT of the HI AP Mtg_Feb2018
  7. Protected Species
    1. Albatross Workshop Preliminary Summary
    2. MHII-FKW critical habitat proposed rule FR notice-f
    3. WPRFMC Comment Letter re MHI-FKW critical habitat proposed rule
    4. Oceanic whitetip ESA listing final rule FR notice-f
    5. Giant manta ray ESA listing final rule FR notice-f
  8. Public Comment on Non-agenda Items

Fishers Forum

A. Fishers Forum Agenda     B. Fishers Forum flyer

9. Program Planning and Research

  1. DRAFT Ecosystem Component Document_172CM version_WORKING DRAFT FOR CM DOCS
  2. Aquaculture Management Options Paper 2018
  3. National SCS Workshop Summary Notes
  4. CRCP_FY16_Data Integration Analysis_Final Report
  5. SEKI-Conceptually Implementing Science to EBM
  6. Scoping Report on Non-Fishing Impacts to EFH
  7. PIRPB Report
  8. Regional, National and International Outreach Report

10. Pelagic & International Fisheries

  1. PIFSC HI LL Annual Report 2017-YR
  2. SSLL turtle framework options paper
  3. AS LL Report
  4. AS_2017_PPT_TrollOnly_Report
  5. Draft Reg Amendment removing AS LL fishery swordfish trip limit for 172cm
  6. Carnes 2018_Hawaii Longline Electronic Monitoring Year One (2)
  7. ER Project SSC_Council Presentation
  8. PIRO Observer Program Electronic Reporting
  9. DRAFT WCPFC14 Draft Summary Report 2017
  10. SPRFMO6 Report

11. American Samoa Archipelago

  1. AS Community Activities Report
  2. DMWR MCP AS 2-20-18 Official Draft
  3. AS Education and Outreach Report

12. Mariana Archipelago

  1. 172nd CM Guam Enforcement Report
  2. 172 Guam Community Activities Report
  3. 172nd Guam Education and Outreach
  4. CNMI Enforcement Report
  5. CNMI Community Report
  6. CNMI Education and Outreach Report
  7. CNMI Minimum Size Requirement

13. Administrative Matters

  1. BSIA_WhitePaper_Jan2018
  2. Meeting List

14. Other Business