Regional Ecosystem Advisory Committees

Marianas Archipelago REAC-CNMI Marianas Archipelago REAC-Guam
Local Government Agencies Local Government Agencies
Office of the Governor (OG) Department of Agriculture
OG Indigenous Affairs Office DLM/GALC/CLTC
OG Carolinian Affairs Office Division of Aquatic & Wildlife Resources
CNMI Dept. of Land & Natural Resources Mayor’s Council of Guam, President
Commonwealth Ports Authority Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Environmental and Coastal Quality Guam Port Authority
Department of Community and Cultural Affairs University of Guam – Marine Lab
Department of Public Safety Department of Public Works
Department of Public Land Guam Visitor’s Bureau
Office of the Mayor of Saipan Department of Chamorro Affairs
Office of the Mayor of Rota Department of Parks and Recreation
Office of the Mayor of Tinian Department of Land Management
Office of the Mayor of the Northern Islands Bureau of Statistics & Plans
Department of Commerce Chamorro Land Trust Commission
NMI Community College, CREES Guam Community College
Non-Governmental Agencies Guam Power Authority
Mariana Island Nature Alliance Guam Department of Education
Business and Individuals Guam Senate
Saipan Fishermen’s Association 32 Guam Legislatures, Committee on Natural Res.
Tour Operator Businesses and Individuals
Pacific Development Inc. Guam Fishermen’s Cooperative Association
Federal Agencies Federal Agencies
NMFS Pacific Islands Regional Office NMFS Pacific Islands Regional Office
NMFS Saipan Field Office US Fish & Wildlife Service
US Army Corps of Engineers US Coast Guard
Council Members US Army Corps of Engineers
John Gourley Council Members
Ed Ebisui Michael Duenas
Raymond Roberto Matt Sablan
American Samoa Islands REAC
Hawaii Archipelago REAC
Local Government Agencies Local Government Agencies
Department of Agriculture Department of Land and Natural Resources
Department of Commerce Hawaii Marine & Coastal Zone Advisory Council
Department of Health Hawaii Office of Planning
Dept. of Marine and Wildlife Resources Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Department of Parks and Recreation Kahoolawe Islands Reserve Commission
Department of Public Works County of Kaua’i, Planning Department
Environmental Protection Agency University of Hawaii, Department of Geology
American Samoa Community College Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Land Grant Program Hawaii Department of Transportation
ASCC Sea Grant County of Hawaii Office of the Mayor
Port Administration County of Maui Department of Planning
Coral Reef Advisory Group Honolulu City Council
Non-Governmental Agencies County of Honolulu Department of Planning
Coalition of Reef Lovers Honolulu Neighborhood Board Commission
Businesses and Individuals Hawaii Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
Alofa Lures and Longline Service Marine and coastal Zone Advocacy Council
Longline Services, Inc Non-Governmental Agencies
Pago Pago Gamefish Association Alu Like, Inc.
Starkist Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Federal Agencies Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association
National Weather Service The Nature Conservancy
NMFS Pacific Islands Regional Office The Oceanic Institute
National Marine Sanctuary Program The Sierra Club
National Park Service Conservation International, Hawaii Fish Trust
US Coast Guard Malama Maunalua
US Fish & Wildlife Service PacIOOS
US Army Corps of Engineers Businesses and Individuals
Council Members Hawaii Longline Association
Archie Taotasi Soliai Maui Cooperative Fishing Association
Christinna Lutu-Sanchez Pacific Islands Fisheries Group
Henry Sesepasara Federal Agencies
NMFS Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
NMFS Pacific Islands Regional Office
National Marine Sanctuary Program
US Coast Guard
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Fish & Wildlife Service
US Naval Region Hawaii
US Army Corps of Engineers
Council Members
Suzanne Case
Michael Goto
Dean Sensui