Scientific and Statistical Committee

(Indefinite Terms)

Dr. Debra Cabrera St. John’s School
Dr. Paul Callaghan University of Guam (retired)
Dr. Frank A. Camacho University of Guam
Dr. Milani Chaloupka University of Queensland
Dr. Erik Franklin Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Dr. Shelton Harley Ministry for Primary Industries
Dr. Ray Hilborn University of Washington
Mr. Justin Hospital NMFS PIFSC Economics Program
Mr. David Itano Fisheries Consultant
Dr. Donald Kobayashi NMFS Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
Mr. James Lynch (Interm Chair) K&L Gates LLP
Dr. Steve Martell International Pacific Halibut Commission
Mr. Alton Miyasaka Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources
Dr. Domingo Ochavillo American Samoa Department of Marine & Wildlife Resources
Dr. Graham Pilling Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Dr. Craig Severance University of Hawaii at Hilo (retired)
Mr. Kurt Schaefer Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
Mr. Michael Tenorio CNMI Division of Fish & Wildlife