Council Staff

The council staff supports the fishery management decision-making process. It coordinates meetings and provides information to the Council, its advisory groups, fishermen and the public.  The Council’s executive director carries out the tasks assigned by the Council and, with the senior scientists and program officer, directs and oversees the technical and support staff. The technical staff analyzes alternatives for regulatory change for the Council’s review, with a focus on biology, economics, and social science, ecosystems and habitat. The technical staff also develops fishery management documents and regulations based on the Council’s decisions.

Contact Us

Kitty Simonds Executive Director (808) 522-8220
Loren Bullard Technical Assitant (808) 522-6042
Paul Dalzell Senior Scientist/Pelagics Program Coordinator (808) 522-8142
Carl Dela Cruz Guam Coordinator (671) 988-8256
Joshua DeMello Fishery Analyst/Precious Corals Coordinator (808) 522-7493
Elysia Granger Finance/Administration (808) 522-6012
Bella Hirayama Travel/Administrative Clerk (808) 522-7496
Randy Holmen Fiscal Officer (808) 522-8167
Nate Ilaoa American Samoa Coordinator (684) 633-5175
Asuka Ishizaki Protected Species Coordinator (808) 522-8224
Charles Kaaiai Indigenous Program Coordinator (808) 522-8227
Eric Kingma International Fisheries/Enforcement/NEPA Coordinator (808) 522-8141
Mark Mitsuyasu Fisheries Program Officer/Bottomfish Coordinator (808) 522-8223
Jack Ogumoro CNMI Coordinator (670) 322-9830
Marlowe Sabater Marine Ecosystem Scientist (808) 522-8143
Sylvia Spalding Communications Officer (808) 522-5341
Rebecca Walker Fisheries Analyst (808) 522-6040


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Honolulu, Hawaii  96813

Tel:  (808) 522-8220

Fax:  (808) 522-8226