March 3, 2020 – March 5, 2020 all-day Pacific/Honolulu Timezone
Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
Suite 1400, Honolulu
HI 96813
(808) 522-8220

Date: March 3-5, 2020          Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Council Office, Honolulu

135th SSC Agenda
135th SSC FR Notice
Press Release – Scientists to Address 2020 Bottomfish and Bigeye Tuna Catches for US Pacific Territories (28 Feb. 2020)
Press Release – Scientists Set Acceptable Biological Catches for Mariana Archipelago Bottomfish, Recommend New Stock Assessment for Mariana and American Samoa Bottomfish (05 March 2020)

Available 135th SSC Documents

  1. Introductions
  1. Approval of Draft Agenda and Assignment of Rapporteurs
  1. Status of the 134th SSC Meeting Recommendations
  1. Report from Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Director
  1. Program Planning and Research
    1. Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology
    2. Public Comment
    3. SSC Discussion and Recommendations
  1. Island Fisheries
    1. Options Paper to Amend Bottomfish Management Unit Species in the American Samoa and Marianas FEP (Initial Action)
    2. Specifying the Acceptable Biological Catches (ABC) in the Marianas Bottomfish Fisheries
      1. P-star analysis
      2. SEEM analysis
      3. Options for ABC in the Marianas Bottomfish Fisheries (Final Action)
    3. Interim Measure for American Samoa Bottomfish Fishery
    4. Requirements for Rebuilding Plans
    5. Update on Hawaii Precious Corals EFH and Associated Bed Designation Issues
    6. Public Comment
    7. SSC Discussion and Recommendations
  1. Protected Species
    1. False Killer Whale Abundance Estimates
    2. Assessing Population Level Impacts of Marine Turtle Interactions in the Hawaii Deep-set Longline Fishery
    3. Hawaii-based Shallow-set Longline Fishery Biological Opinion Reasonable and Prudent Measures Working Group
    4. Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Project for Protected Species Impacts Assessment for Hawaii and American Samoa Longline Fisheries
    5. Public Comment
    6. SSC Discussion and Recommendations

SSC Plenary Presentation: Dr. Shelton Harley “Threat Management Plan for Two Endemic Subspecies of Dolphins”

  1. Pelagic Fisheries
    1. American Samoa Longline Annual Fishery Report
    2. Hawaii Longline Annual Fishery Report
    3. Pacific Islands Pelagic Fisheries Research Initiative
      1. Ongoing Pelagic Research
      2. Use of C-14 Analyses on Age Distribution of Tropical Tunas
      3. Discussion on Effects of Closed Areas on Hawaii Longline Fisheries
    4. Counterfactual Analysis of Closed Areas at Palmyra Atoll, Kingman Reef, and Johnston Atoll
    5. Electronic Reporting and Electronic Monitoring
      1. Electronic Technologies Implementation Plan
      2. Pacific Islands Region Longline Electronic Reporting Plan and Options for Implementation of Mandatory Reporting
      3. Pacific Islands Regional Observer Program Overview and Costs
      4. 2020 Electronic Monitoring Workshop
    6. US Territory Longline Bigeye Catch/Allocation Limits (Final Action)
    7. Deep Sea Mining and Spatial Planning in the Pacific
    8. International Fisheries
      1. WCPFC
        1. Conservation and Management Measures on Tropical Tunas
        2. North Pacific Striped Marlin Rebuilding Plan
      2. Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction
    9. Report on Scoping Meeting on Small Boat Pelagic Reporting
    10. Public Comment
    11. SSC Discussion and Recommendations
  2. Other Business
    1. June 2020 SSC Meetings Dates
    2. National SSC Meeting Trigger Questions
  3. Summary of SSC Recommendations to the Council