Ecosystem Components

Ecosystem Components species (ECS) are management unit species that are not in-need of conservation and management that are retained in the American Samoa, Marianas and Hawaii Fishery Ecosystem Plans (FEPs) in order to achieve ecosystem management objectives (§ 600.305(d)(13)). Consistent with National Standard 9, Magnuson-Stevens Act § 303(b)(12), and other applicable Magnuson-Stevens Act sections , management measures can be adopted in order to, for example, collect data on the ECS, minimize bycatch or bycatch mortality of ECS, protect the associated role of ECS in the ecosystem, and/or to address other ecosystem issues. Data collection also allows for monitoring the species in case a fishery develops or other indications suggesting changes in Federal management.

The Council initiated an omnibus amendment to the American Samoa, Marianas, and Hawaii FEPs to designate species as ECS. The following documents were used to screen species as species in need of conservation and management and as ecosystem components using available data against the ten factors described in the National Standard 1 (§ 600.305(c)(1)(i-x)).