Community Participation & Management Structure – US Pacific Remote Islands

The PRIA FEP provides the management structure for demersal fisheries in the PRIA that include coral reef, bottomfish, crustaceans, and precious corals Management Unit Species. The Pelagics FEP manages Pelagic Management Unit Species that occur in the PRIA.

With the exception of Wake and Palmyra, the PRIA are uninhabited. Therefore, under the Council’s management structure, community participation with regards tot PRIA issues is covered by the Council’s Hawaii FEP Advisory Panel. In addition, when the Council is considering management measures for PRIA fisheries, the regular Council meeting process is followed and opportunities for public comment on proposed measures noticed in the Federal Register.

The PRI Marine National Monuemnt adds a layer of management to the PRIA from 0-5o nm. Managmenet authority over the PRI Marine National Monument is shared between the USFWS and NOAA. The Presidential Proclamation establishing the PRI Marine National Monument prohibited commercial fishing the monument areas, but allowed for recreational fishing pursuant to regulations development by the Council.  See the Onmibus FEP Amendment for more information on fishing regulations in the PRI Marine National Monument.