Request for Proposals: Mapping Coral Reef Fishing Effort in Guam (Closed)

Background Information

Island scale and within-reef spatial variation in fishing effort is not well understood in the
Mariana Islands. Additionally, fisherman knowledge about effort and fish habitat are invaluable to
fisheries management. The goal of this project is to identify and map coral reef fishing
grounds to inform more accurate stock assessments, catch reporting, and descriptions of essential fish habitat or habitat areas of particular concern in the Mariana Islands. The objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. Map fishing effort for the top 10 priority species in Guam and CNMI;
  2. Identify important habitats for juvenile and adult life stages of key target species using
    local and traditional ecological knowledge collected from fishermen
  3. Identify areas of high fishing effort for different key targeted fish species
  4. Inform fishermen about the status of fisheries, and collaborate with fishermen in forming
    appropriate fishing regulations and work towards implementation for more sustainable fishing practices.


Click here for the full scope of work, task schedule and deliverables in a printable PDF.