Request for Proposals: American Samoa Longline Dock Site Evaluation and Feasibility Plan (Closed)

December 15, 2014 

Background Information  

Since the late 1990s, there has been a US longline fishery operating out of Pago Pago. In the early years, fishing was conducted mostly using small, double-hulled aluminum vessels. In the early 2001, several vessels over 50ft in length entered the fishery, with over 30 large vessels participating at one point. Currently, there are around 20 large active vessels operating in the fishery based out of Pago Pago.

There are no docks dedicated to US longline vessels within Pago Pago Harbor. The vessels currently tie up wherever it is convenient, but often are forced to move when cargo and cruise ships arrive.

The Council is interested in supporting the American Samoa government in improving docking facilities for commercial longline fishing vessels, which are typically between 65ft and 85 ft inlength. There is a need to reduce port congestion by identifying a suitable location to construct a dedicated longline dock which supports safety at sea and fisheries development in American Samoa.

Scope of Proposals

The Council is seeking proposals to develop a plan that includes the following:

1)      Evaluation of multiple dock sites within Pago Pago Harbor.

  1. Assessment of Essential Fish Habitat and coral reef resources within potential sites

2)      Evaluation of various dock construction materials and designs including schematic representation of dock designs

3)      Evaluation of necessary shore side requirements including utilities

4)      Identification of required permits and authorizations

5)      Proposed budgets for construction of various dock designs including cost/benefit analysis

All proposals shall be submitted by February 15, 2015. Proposals should be sent by email to Eric Kingma ( or by fax (808 522-8226) or by mail: Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, 1164 Bishop St., Ste. 1400, Honolulu, HI 96818. Proposals must contain the following three items: 1) project narrative, 2) budget, and 3) project timeline. Total pages for proposal shall not exceed 15 pages.

To view pdf, click here.