Protected Species

Protected Species Overview

A number of protected species occur in the Council’s management jurisdiction, including marine mammals, sea turtles and seabirds.

To protect these species, the Council is engaged in a variety of conservation and management initiatives. Our conservation projects include collaborative efforts throughout the Pacific to manage critical nesting and foraging habitats for highly migratory sea turtles that transit through our waters. In our own fisheries, protected species mitigation measures have totally eliminated monk seal interactions with the Hawaii-based longline fishery, have reduced longline interaction with seabirds to less than 5 percent of historic levels and are proving successful in reducing interaction rates with sea turtles. The Council supports transfer technologies and is involved in international projects to test gear modifications designed to reduce protected species interactions.

To increase awareness and support conservation efforts in the region, the Council is active in a number of workshops and meetings, produces a variety of publications, and maintains a protected species library and links to relevant organizations. The Council is advised in protected species matters by its Protected Species Advisory Committee. For more information, contact the Protected Species Specialist.

To report sightings or strandings of protected species or violation of protected species laws in the U.S. Pacific islands, click here and contact the appropriate office / person listed for your island area.