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Assistant to the Executive Director for Regulatory Programs (applications due by June 24, 2021)

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Vacancy Announcement
Assistant to the Executive Director for Regulatory Programs
Term: Full-time permanent, with 1 year probation and 2-year review,
extension possible based on funding and performance

Deadline for application submittal is June 24, 2021

A. Background

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, established under the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MFCMA) of 1976, has the responsibility for preparing management plans for those fisheries within its jurisdiction.  The Council has authority over the management of fisheries in the US Exclusive Economic Zone waters off of the Territories of American Samoa and Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the State of Hawaii.

The Council, composed of 16 public, State, and Federal members, meets a minimum of four times a year to conduct its business. The Council’s operation is supported by program and administrative staff headed by the Executive Director. The Assistant to the Executive Director for Regulatory Programs (hereafter referred to as Assistant) is established to assist the Executive Director in carrying out the Council’s regulatory management authority under the MSA to support healthy and sustainable fisheries in the Western Pacific Region.

B. Supervisory Factors

The Assistant works under the direct supervision of the Executive Director.

C. Responsibilities

The Assistant will work closely with the Executive Director to:

  1. Coordinate and facilitate regulatory and fishery plan actions to support the management of US Pacific island nearshore and offshore fishery resources. In carrying out this work, the Assistant will closely coordinate FEP and regulatory rule making with Federal and State/Territorial agency representatives of the Council.
  2. Support the Council and, as determined by the Executive Director, other advisory bodies (SSC, AP, FIAC, PT, Review Boards, and Committees, for the purpose of achieving timely actions related to implementing, reviewing and amending fishery ecosystem plans.
  3. Liaise with local, national and international fishery agencies and organizations to support research and timely development of fishery management and conservation policies in the Western Pacific Region;
  4. Interpret and communicate analyses of biological, social and economic information from varied levels for decision-makers, scientific review bodies, advisory groups, and stakeholders.
  5. Collaborate with staff, regulatory agencies, institutions, non-governmental organizations and other interested parties in managing, conserving and recovering protected resources and habitats, while pursuing economically and biologically sustainable fisheries.
  6. Participate in public hearings, community meetings, conferences and other events in Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa and Northern Marianas.
  7. Helps ensure the professional staff carries out the regulatory program with appropriate efficiency.
  8. Performs duties and special projects as assigned by the Executive Director.


Required Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree in fisheries or natural resource policy, management or economics, environmental sciences/planning, geography or other related disciplines preferred.
  2. Broad working knowledge of the Regional Fishery Management Councils and various laws on the management of the fishing industry, including the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA), the Executive Order 12866, the Regulatory Flexibility Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act.
  3. Progressively responsible experience in research and/or management related to marine fisheries or other renewable natural resources.
  4. Possess great tact, judgement, initiative, a demonstrated skill in interpersonal relationships, including the ability to meet and deal responsibly with officials at all levels in both the private and public sectors, and a sensitive awareness of political issues and priorities.
  5. Ability to understand, translate and communicate complex issues and technical information into non-technical terms for public audiences.
  6. Ability to work professionally with people from diverse scientific and technical backgrounds.
  7. Ability to grasp quickly the scope of a problem, analyze potential impacts, and communicate information clearly and succinctly in writing.

Desirable Qualifications:

  1. Familiarity with Pacific Island fisheries, current management issues and interrelationships existing among the Council and Federal and State/Territorial agencies.
  2. Demonstrated experience with completing inter-agency and multi-disciplinary projects.
  3. Working knowledge in the compilation and/or review of environmental impact statements (EIS) or related environmental or socio-economic analyses supporting regulatory actions.

SALARY: This is a non-federal GS-12/13 equivalent position, plus Hawaii cost of living adjustments and a fringe benefits package that includes life and health insurance and retirement programs. Starting salary approximately $80,000 – $100,000/year, depending on experience.

TERM: This announcement is for a two-year appointment with an opportunity for extension beyond two years based on available funding and employee performance and review.

LOCATION: The Council office is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Travel may be required to attend meetings throughout the Region (Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, and the CNMI) and other domestic and international locations.

To Apply: Submit a letter of interest and current resume which highlights relevant experience, training, and education. No format is prescribed. References should be included; however, letters of recommendation, education transcripts, and similar supporting documents are not requested at this time.

Applications or inquiries should be emailed to

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