Educational Resources

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The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council considers education and outreach as one of the foundations for ensuring sustainable fisheries in the Pacific Islands. Education and outreach is one the Council’s seven Guiding Principles.

“Conduct education and outreach to foster good stewardship principles and broad and direct public participation in the Council’s decision making process.”

The Council regularly holds a high school summer course on sustainable fisheries in each of the island areas as well as teacher workshops and student symposiums. It runs an annual poster contest in each of the island areas as well as occasional photo essay contests on topics ranging from archipelagic ecosystems to traditional knowledge and climate change.

The Council has developed curriculum, student activitiesvideosinteractive games and other educational resources to raise awareness of sustainable fisheries.

The Council is a co-founder of the US Pacific Islands Fishery Capacity-Building Scholarship. The program provides financial support for students with close ties to the Territories of American Samoa, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in marine science or a related field. The goal is to build fisheries science and management capacity in the Territories.

Check out the Council’s web pages for Fisheries Internships and Student Help, and recent scholarship and internship announcements.

The Council has a variety of educational videos and audio files available and uses Youtube and Vimeo to store our video content. The Council also produces a variety of educational brochures, displays, posters and PowerPoint presentations.

The Council has been active in many education associations, including the OCEANIA Marine Educators AssociationNational Marine Educators AssociationHawaii Science Teachers Association (marine science section), National Science Teachers AssociationCenter for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) Island Earth and One Ocean Marine Forum. It has served as a board member and committee chair on several of them. The Council was instrumental in the creation of the International Pacific Marine Educators Network (IPMEN) and has been a strong supporter and advocate of IPMEN since its inception in Honolulu in 2007.