The PRIA FEP, which covers Howland Island, Kingman Reef, Jarvis Island, Baker Island, Wake Island, Johnston Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, was approved in 2009 and codified in 2010.

Click links for PDFs of PRIA FEP and Final Rule.

Click here for Appendix 1 – Essential Fish Habitat Descriptions for Western Pacific Archipelagic and Remote Island Areas Fishery Ecosystem Plan Management Unit Species

The Council adopted a living document approach to organizing the PRIA FEP at its 164th meeting, and adopted revised goals and objectives for the PRIA FEP at its 165th meeting. This amendment is currently under development.

AmendmentAmendment TypeFederal Register Notice / Publication dateDescription of Action
76 FR 37285
Omnibus amendment that establishes a mechanism for specifying annual catch limits.
78 FR 32996
Establishes management measures for non-commercial and recreational fishing within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument; prohibits commercial fishing within monument