Pelagics Fishery Ecosystem Plan

The Pelagics FEP was approved in 2009 and codified in 2010.

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Click here for Appendix 1 – Essential Fish Habitat Descriptions for Pacific Pelagic Fishery Ecosystem Plan Management Unit Species

The Council adopted a living document approach to organizing the Pelagic FEP at its 164th meeting, and adopted revised goals and objectives for the Pelagic FEP at its 165th meeting. This amendment is currently under development.

Amendment Amendment Type Federal Register Notice / Publication date Description of Action


81 FR 5619


Exempted longline vessels greater than 50 meters in length from the 2002 Large Vessel Prohibited Area between 12 and 50 nautical miles around Swains, Tutuila, and the Manua Islands in American Samoa.
79 FR 64097
Catch and effort limits for the US Participating Territories; Specification of annual bigeye tuna catch limits for the US Participating Territories.
78 FR 32996
 Establishes management measures for non-commercial and recreational fishing within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, Marianas Trench Marine National Monument and Rose Atoll Marine National Monument; prohibits commercial fishing within monument
American Samoa longline gear configuration modifications to reduce sea turtle interactions.
Omnibus amendment that establishes a mechanism for  specifying annual catch limits.
Establishes a purse seine area closure and longline area closure in CNMI. The final rule only approved  the longline closure.
76 FR 40764
Establishes a purse seine area closure in American Samoa. The purse seine area closure was disapproved.
75 FR 54044
Establishes eligibility requirements and procedures for reviewing and approving community development plans. The intent is to promote participation of island communities i in fisheries that they traditionally depend on, but may not have the capabilities to support continued and substantial participation.