Request for Proposals

Developing Thresholds for Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management in Hawaii Near-Shore Fisheries

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (Council) is soliciting proposals for a contractor to implement an ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) project for the Hawaii nearshore ecosystem fisheries.

For this Request for Proposals (RFP), we invite proposals to improve the implementation of  ecosystem-based fisheries management in the Hawaiian Archipelago by addressing the need for defining ecosystem-reference points in the form of threshold relationships between indicators and human and environmental pressures for nearshore ecosystems in Hawai‘i. The proposals should advance ecosystem-based fisheries management through incorporation of existing data, leveraging efforts by the Hawai‘i Monitoring and Reporting Collaborative (HIMARC), the West Hawai‘i Integrated Ecosystem Assessment program (IEA), and the Ocean Tipping Points Project.

The selected contractor will work closely with the Council, HIMARC and State of Hawaii, and other partners as appropriate to conduct analyses of ecosystem, oceanographic, and other data sets to develop ecosystem threshold that could be used as reference points for ecosystem management in Hawaii. The analysis should include a finite set of ecosystem indicators that could be used in making fishery ecosystem management decisions and accountability measures that could trigger management interventions.

Proposals should address the following scope of work:

  • Coordinate with the Council and State of Hawaii throughout the contract period to determine the final analysis approach, obtain data necessary for the analysis, discuss preliminary results, and coordinate presentations as appropriate;
  • Coordinate with the Council on the identification of ecosystem indicators that would be used for fishery ecosystem management and further refine the focus of the ecosystem modelling approach;
  • Conduct screening for potential indicator-pressure relationships for non-linearities to determine cumulative effects;
  • Conduct modeling exercise to identify the relationship between the indicator and the pressure and determine the threshold levels;
  • Conduct sensitivity analyses for effects of samples size, spatial scales, location etc.
  • Provide complete annotated code developed for the analyses and host a training workshop or webinar for Council, PIFSC and PIRO for utilizing the model developed for the analyses.
  • Provide presentations to Council advisory bodies, as appropriate.
  • Prepare a report detailing the methods, results and discussion of the analysis by the end of the project period.

The final scope of work will be determined through a contractual agreement between the Council and the selected contractor.

The contract is expected to begin in or around November 1, depending on timing of funding availability. The contract shall be completed no later than September 30, 2022.


  • Principle Investigator(s) must have a demonstrated ability to implement the project, with a background in statistical or ecological modeling and experience working with large oceanographic and/or fisheries datasets, including coding in R;
  • The contractor must be available to start the project no later than November 2020;
  • Principal investigator(s) with prior experience working with data from the Hawaii is preferred;
  • S. Federal agencies and their employees are not eligible for contractual agreements with the Council;
  • Proposals will be evaluated on a competitive basis. The selected proposal will be funded as a contract.

The contractor will be required to submit regular progress reports, a final report, and any other deliverables to be identified in the contractual agreement. All end products, reports, and other deliverables resulting from this project must be submitted to the Council. The contractor must also formally acknowledge the Council support in all publications and presentations related to the funded project. The contractor is expected to produce a high quality analysis that is appropriate for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Proposal submissions should include the following materials:

  • A proposal including the following items (maximum 5 pages):
    1. Name, affiliation, and contact information of the principal investigator(s)
    2. Project narrative, including the proposed analysis approach and timeline
    3. Budget (may not include overhead or indirect cost exceeding 15 percent)
    4. List of citations, if any
  • A curriculum vitae or resume for each Principal Investigator (maximum of 2 CVs per proposal; not to exceed 4 pages each).

Proposals may be submitted by e-mail (attach materials in PDF files) or regular mail to:

Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
1164 Bishop Street, Suite 1400
Honolulu, HI 96813

Any inquiries regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to the contact information above or calling the Council Office at (808) 522-8220

Proposals must be submitted and received at the Council office by Saturday, October 31, 2020, at 5pm Hawaii Standard Time.

Total amount of funding available is $230,691 for two years.