The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (Council), established through Congress under the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MFCMA) of 1976, has the responsibility for preparing management plans for those fisheries within its jurisdiction.  The Council has authority over the management of fisheries in the US Exclusive Economic Zone waters off of the Territories of American Samoa and Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the State of Hawaii.

The Council, composed of 16 public, State, and Federal members, meets at a minimum of four times a year to conduct its business.  Funding for the Council is provided by Congress through grants administered by NOAA Fisheries. The Council headed by an Executive Director with administrative and programmatic staff based in Hawaii and US Pacific Island Territories. The Council is soliciting proposals for contractual services listed below.

CONTRACT SERVICE: Island Coordinator for the American Samoa Archipelago

CONTRACT PERIOD: The contract is expected to begin in January 2, 2024 and end December 31, 2024.

SCOPE OF WORK:  The American Samoa Island Coordinator will assist the Council in supporting its programs in American Samoa and the broader Western Pacific Region. Formal list of activities, responsibilities, timelines and deliverables will be provided to potential contractors through the proposal review and contractor selection process. Overall duties of the Island Coordinator are summarized below:

  1. Coordinate American Samoa Council office operations maintaining normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), or as required by the Council;
  2. Provide logistical support and coordination for Council members and Council advisors and their participation in meetings that occur on island and/or virtually;
  3. Support Council staff by providing daily on-island support and information on programmatic activities;
  4. Provide oversight and coordination for Council contracts, contractors and grant projects working with Council staff, local agencies, Council family and the local community.
  5. Liaise with the American Samoa government, federal agency representatives, local fishing associations and clubs in American Samoa and international organizations (e.g. South Pacific Community) regarding fishery monitoring, management and research activities; and
  6. Provide regular reports to the Council staff and Executive Director;
  7. Oversee daily operations at American Samoa satellite Council Office

ELIGIBILITY: The potential Contractor must:

  • Have a detailed working knowledge of the Magnuson-Steven Act and other statutory authorities as related to fishery and marine resource management and conservation;
  • Be familiar with the purpose, role and responsibilities of the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council;
  • Have detailed working knowledge of and relations with the local fishery agencies, federal fishery agencies, and fishing and seafood communities in American Samoa;
  • Have working knowledge of the US Pacific Islands, communities, culture and natural resources;
  • Have demonstrated ability and expertise to efficiently work independently; and
  • Be available to start in January 2024 and complete the contract in December 2024.

REQUIREMENTS: The contractor will work independently and coordinate with the Council program staff to meet deliverable timelines. Proposals will be evaluated on a competitive basis based on the eligibility criteria as stated above. Selected contractor begin contract on January 2, 2024.

HOW TO APPLY: Proposal submissions should include a proposal including the following items (maximum 3 pages): a. Name, affiliation, and contact information of the principal contractor(s); b. Brief statement addressing the requirements as stated; c. Budget; and d. a curriculum vitae or resume for each project participant.

Proposals may be submitted by e-mail (attach materials in PDF files) to or regular mail to: Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council 1164 Bishop Street, Suite 1400 Honolulu, HI 96813.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Proposals will be welcome until December 8, 2023 or until a contractor is engaged.

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