129th Scientific and Statistical Committee

Date: June 6-8, 2018
Location: Wailea Beach Resort, 3700 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea, Maui

FR Notice

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  1. Introductions
    1. Council Family List
  2. Approval of Draft Agenda and Assignment of Rapporteurs
    1. 129th SSC Public Agenda
    2. 129th SSC and 173rd CM FR Notice
  3. Status of the 128th SSC Meeting Recommendations
  4. Report from the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Director
  5. Insular Fisheries
    1. P star WG Meeting 2018_FINAL REPORT
    2. Specification of multi year ABCs for the Main Hawaiian Island Deep 7 Bottomfish Fishery_DRAFT05172018
    3. SEEM WG Meeting 2018_FINAL REPORT
    4. Poster Kahekili Herbivore Fishery Management Area
  6. Program Planning and Research
    1. American Samoa FEP SAFE Report 2017
      Marianas FEP SAFE Report 2017
      Hawaii FEP SAFE Report 2017
      PRIA FEP Annual SAFE Report 2017
      Pelagic FEP SAFE Report 2017 draft
    2. Updated 5-yr research priorities_2014-2019_129SSCdoc_FINAL DOC
    3. Cooperative Research Recommendations for 2018-2019
    4. Western Pacific Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) priorities_DRAFT 05252018
  7. Pelagic Fisheries
    1. SPC WCPO Pre-Assess WS report Final
    2. SAC-09-03 EPO fisheries-in-2017
    3. SAC-09-05 EPO fisheries-in-2017
    4. SAC-09-06 EPO fisheries-in-2017
    5. SAC-09-07 EPO fisheries-in-2017
    6. SAC-09-15 rev2 EPO Fisheries in 2017
  8. Protected Species
  9. Other Business