HONOLULU (3 February 2015) The locally produced documentary `AHI, The Yellowfin Tuna: Managing Our Fisheries will premiere on KGMB at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015.

The information contained in this video explains the cultural and economic importance of yellowfin tuna and why state and federal fishery managers are reviewing the current 3-pound minimum size limit for the sale of `ahi in Hawai`i. It also examines the issue of mercury in fish and illustrates why mercury in Hawai`i tuna is not a health concern.

`Ahi, which refers to both yellowfin and bigeye tuna, has long been a favorite among Hawaiʻi chefs, consumers and fishermen. It is the fish used for sashimi and poke and a target species of local fishing tournaments. Groundbreaking research has suggested that yellowfin, once assumed to be highly migratory like other species of tuna, if spawned in Hawai`i waters tend to remain in Hawai`i waters.

A series of statewide meetings were held by the Council and the state Division of Aquatic Resources in December 2014 to get feedback on the issue. The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council will discuss `ahi minimum commercial size limits at its 162nd meeting in Honolulu, March 16–18, 2015.

To learn more about this fascinating fish, be sure to tune in at 6 p.m. Saturday on KGMB.

To view the 30-second trailer of `AHI, The Yellowfin Tuna: Managing Our Fisheries, click here.