June 23, 2020 @ 11:00 am – June 25, 2020 @ 5:00 pm Pacific/Honolulu Timezone
Date: June 23-25 (T – Th)          Time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (HST)
Location: Web Conference (WebEx) and Host Sites in Guam, CNMI and AS
Date: June 24-26 (W – F)           Time: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (ChST)
Locations: Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, 202 Hilton Rd., Tumon Bay, Guam
                 Hyatt Regency Saipan, Royal Palm Ave., Micro Beach Rd., Saipan, CNMI
Date: June 23-25 (T – Th)          Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (SST)
Location: Dept. of Port Admin. Airport Conf. Rm., Pago Pago Int’l Airport, Tafuna Village, American Samoa


Both audio and visual portions of the web conference can be accessed at:
Event number:            133 402 2521
Event password: CM182mtg

Instructions for audio connection: WebEx provides the option for connecting audio via your computer or a WebEx telephone number. Both options will work. If you are using the WebEx telephone number, please sign into WebEx via your computer first to obtain a participant number. If you do not have computer/internet access, contact 808-522-8220 for assistance.

Instructions for making public comment: To present oral testimony or comments at this meeting, during the comment period verbally indicate the agenda item on which you wish to speak. For those participating remotely by WebEx, request for public comment must be sent through the “chat” function in WebEx to the “Host” prior to the start of the public comment session. For those participating at a Council-hosted web conference site, comments cards are available from staff at the Council meeting. Oral testimony is limited to three minutes. Please identify yourself and whom you represent at the beginning of your testimony.  Public comment on non-agenda items will be taken on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Written comments on final action items should be received at the Council office received by 5 p.m. (HST), Friday, June 19, 2020. Written comments may be submitted by e-mail to info.wpcouncil@noaa.gov, faxed to (808) 522-8226 or mailed to the Council office at 1164 Bishop St., Suite 1400, Honolulu, HI 96813. Written public comments on all other agenda items may be submitted for the record by email throughout the duration of the meeting.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

1. Welcome and Introductions
▫ 01(1) Council Family List
2. Approval of the 182nd Agenda
▫ 02(1) 182nd CM WPRFMC Agenda
▫ 02(2) 182 CM FR Notice
▫ 02(3) Fishery Data Collection and Research Committee Agenda
02(4) 182nd CM Pelagic & International Standing Committee Agenda
▫ 02(5) WEB Executive Budget Standing Committee 182nd Agenda
3. Approval of the 181st Meeting Minutes
▫ 03(3)rev2 136th SSC FINAL report_with appendix
4. Executive Director’s Report

5. Agency Reports
A. NOAA Office of General Counsel, Pacific Islands Section
▫ 05.A(1) 182nd CM GC Report
B. National Marine Fisheries Service
▫ 05.B(0) NOAA_Pacific Islands_Strategic Plan Update (1)
1. Pacific Islands Regional Office
▫ 05.B.1(1) PIRO 182 Council Report-FINAL
2. Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
▫ 05.B.2(1) 136th SSC and 182nd CM Final – PIFSC Report
C. US State Department
▫ 05.C(1) State Dept Report to 182nd Council Meeting
D. US Fish and Wildlife Service
▫ 05.D(1) USFWS WesPac Report 6-20
E. Enforcement
1. US Coast Guard
▫ 05.E.1(1) USCG_Agency Report 182 WESPAC – June 2020
2. NOAA Office of Law Enforcement
▫ 05.E.2(1) PID Council Report 182nd Meeting June 2020-1
3. NOAA Office of General Counsel, Enforcement Section
▫ 05.E.3(1)rev1 – NOAA OGCES
F. Public Comment
G. Council Discussion and Action

6. Regional Reports on COVID19 Impacts and Activities
▫ 06(0) WPRFMC to Trump_barriers to US fisheries
▫ 06(1) Executive Order on Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery _ The White House
▫ 06(3) $300M Allocation_sector percentages_to share_final
A. American Samoa
B. Guam
D. Hawaii
▫ 06.D(1) HMRFS Survey of Fishing during Covid
▫ 06.D(3) Letter from PIFG to Gov Ige
▫ 06.D(4) HI LL Situation Update
E. Pelagic and International Fisheries

7. Program Planning and Research
A. National Legislative Report
▫ 07.A(1) 2020 Legislation Tracker
B. 2019 Annual Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports
▫ 07.B.1(1) Hawaii FEP SAFE Report 2019
▫ 07.B.1(2) Marianas FEP SAFE Report 2019
▫ 07.B.1(3) American Samoa FEP SAFE Report 2019
▫ 07.B.1(4) PRIA FEP SAFE Report 2019
▫ 07.B(2) Pelagic FEP SAFE Report 2019
C. Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology
▫ 07.C(1) SBRM update for June SSC & Council
D. Electronic Technologies Implementation Plan
E. President Executive Order on Seafood Competitiveness
▫ 07.E(1) Executive Order on Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness and Economic Growth _ The White House
▫ 2020_05_29 Accelerating Growth of US Blue Economy Initial Recommendations
▫ 07.E(3) EO 13921_Oliver Letter to Councils
F. Stock Definitions in the Bottomfish and Pelagic Fisheries
▫ 07.F(1) 2020-05-22 Memo to SSC Subgroup on Stock Definitions
▫ 07.F(2) Stock Definitions for WPR MUS
G. Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
1. Advisory Panel Report
2. Archipelagic Plan Team Report
▫ 07.G.2(1)rev1 APT 2020 Final Report
3. Pelagic Plan Team Report
07.G.3(1) Pelagic PT Report
4. FDCRC Report
▫ 07.G.4(1)rev1 FDCRC-TC DCSP 2020 Final Report
5. Scientific & Statistical Committee Report
H. Public Comment
I. Council Discussion and Action

8. Community Engagement and Public Relations
▫ 08(1)rev1 Community Engagement-Public Relations Report
▫ 08(2) Collect Good Fishery Data handout_FINAL
▫ 08(3)rev1 Get Involved in Our Council Process handout_FINAL
▫ 08(4) Hawaii small boat public scoping brochure
▫ 08(5) Infographic on ACLs
▫ 08(6) Infographic-on-Data-Flow-V3.0
▫ 08(7) Samoan-V.-of-Infographic-on-ACLs V3.0
▫ 08(8) Samoan-V.-of-Infographic-on-Data-Flow-V3.0
▫ 08(9) Uku-factsheet-FINAL
▫ 08(10)rev1 What Does Our Council Do handout_FINAL
▫ 08(11)rev1 Who are Decision Makers handout_FINAL
▫ 08(13) What happens at Council-Advisory Grp Mtgs_FINAL
▫ 08(14) Yellowfin Tuna fact sheet_FINAL
▫ 08(15) History of Protected Species Conservation handout_FINAL
▫ 08(16) Catch-it-Log-it-App infographic

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

9. American Samoa Archipelago
▫ 09(2) AS Economic Trends GAO Report
A. Motu Lipoti
B. DMWR Report (Legislation and Enforcement)
▫ 09.B(1) DMWR Report
C. American Samoa Bottomfish Fishery
1. Status of the Interim Measure
2. Status of the ACL Specification
▫ 09.C.2(1) WP BMUS ACL Specs_182nd CM Briefing – DRAFT
3. Development of the Bottomfish Rebuilding Plan
▫ 09.C.3(1) 2020-06-03 Discussion paper on available information for the rebuilding plan
D. American Samoa Community Activities
▫ 09.D(1) AS Community Report
E. Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
1. Advisory Panel Report
2. Archipelagic Plan Team Report
3. Scientific & Statistical Committee Report
F. Public Comment
G. Council Discussion and Action

10. Mariana Archipelago
A. Guam
1. Isla Informe
▫ 10.A.1(1) 182nd Guam Island Report
2. DOA/DAWR Report (Legislation and Enforcement)
▫ 10.A.2(1) Guam Agency Report
3. Review of Guam Marine Conservation Plan (Action Item)
▫ 10.A.3(1) Guam MCP for review
4. Guam Community Activities
▫ 10.A.4(1) 182nd Community Report
1. Arongol Falú
2. DLNR/DFW Report
▫ 10.B.2(1) CNMI DLNR-DFW Report
3. CNMI Community Activities
▫ 10.B.3(1) CNMI Community Activities
C. Advisory Group Reports and Recommendations
1. Advisory Panel Report
2. Scientific & Statistical Committee Report
D. Public Comment
E. Council Discussion and Action

11. Hawai‘i Archipelago & Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIA)
A. Moku Pepa
▫ 11.A(2) Email from Gary Beals regarding problems with Honokohau
B. DLNR/DAR Report (Legislation, Enforcement)
▫ 11.B(1) DLNR-DAR 182nd WPac Island Report
C. Update on Managing Hawaii’s Small-boat Fishery
▫ 11.C(1) Update on Small Boat Fisheries Options
D. Main Hawaiian Islands Uku Fishery
1. WPSAR Report on the Uku Benchmark Stock Assessment
▫ 11.D.1(1) Summary_Report_WPSAR_Uku_2020
▫ 11.D.1(2) Franklin_Report_WPSAR_Uku_2020
▫ 11.D.1(3) 2020_04 Jiao uku assessment review report
▫ 11.D.1(4) 2020_04 Chen uku assessment review report
2. Peer-Reviewed Benchmark Stock Assessment of Uku in MHI
▫ 11.D.2(1) Nadon et al. 2020 MHI A. virescens benchmark assessment_TM-PIFSC-100
E. Review of PRIA Marine Conservation Plan (Action Item)
F. Hawaii Community Activities
▫ 11.F(1) HI Community Activities Report
G. Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
1. Advisory Panel Report
2. Pelagic Plan Team Report
3. Scientific & Statistical Committee Report
H. Public Comment
I. Council Discussion and Action

4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

Thursday, June 25, 2020
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

12. Protected Species
A. ESA and MMPA Updates
1. Status of ESA Consultations
▫ 12.A(1) NP Loggerhead_5 Year Review_2020
B. Assessing Population Level Impacts of Marine Turtle Interactions in the American Samoa Longline Fishery
▫ 12.B(1) DSLL&ASLL Turtle Take Model Tech Memo
C. Summary of Available Information on Sea Turtle Interactions in Foreign Pelagic Fisheries
▫ 12.C(1) Foreign fisheries turtle bycatch info_182CM
D. Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
1. Advisory Panel Report
2. Pelagic Plan Team Report
3. Scientific & Statistical Committee Report
E. Public Comment
F. Council Discussion and Action

13. Pelagic & International Fisheries
A. Status of Council Actions and Amendments
1. Amendment 8: International Measures Implemented into Pelagics FEP and WCPO Striped Marlin Catch Limits
2. Amendment 9: Multi-year Specifications for US and Territorial Bigeye Longline Allocation Limits
3. Amendment 10: Shallow-set Trip Limits for Sea Turtle Interactions
B. Mandatory Electronic Reporting for the Hawaii Longline Fishery (Initial Action)
▫ 13.B(1) ER Implementation Plan 2020
C. 2021 US and Territorial Longline Bigeye Specifications (Final Action)
▫ 13.C(1) Options Paper 2021 BET Territorial Specifications
D. Stock Status Determination for Oceanic Whitetip Shark and Striped Marlin
▫ 13.D(1) BSIA_Oceanic_Whitetip_Shark
▫ 13.D(2) Stock Status_Oceanic_Whitetip_Shark
▫ 13.D(3) Tosatto Memo
▫ 13.D(4) 2020-06-04 Stock Status Determination DM Striped Marlin_Signed
▫ 13.D(5) 2020-06-04 Tosatto to Soliai Striped Marlin Status
E. Considerations for Developing Reasonable and Prudent Measures (RPMs) and/or Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs) for the Deep-set and American Samoa Longline Fisheries
▫ 13.E(1) RPM Considerations for DSLL & ASLL
F. Pre-Assessment Workshop Outcomes for Yellowfin and Bigeye Tunas
▫ 13.F(1) BET+YFT Pre-assessment wkshp report
G. International Fisheries
1. WCPFC Permanent Advisory Committee Report
▫ 13.G.1(1) WCPFC PAC Report
2. Workshop on Area-Based Management of Blue Water Fisheries
H. Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
1. Advisory Panel Report
2. Pelagic Plan Team Report
3. Scientific & Statistical Committee Report
I. Standing Committee Report and Recommendations
J. Public Comment
K. Council Discussion and Action

14. Administrative Matters
A. Financial Reports
1. Current Grants
B. Administrative Reports
C. Council Coordination Committee Meetings
D. Council Family Changes
E. Meetings and Workshops
F. Standing Committee Report and Recommendations
G. Public Comment
H. Council Discussion and Action

15. Other Business
▫ 15.C(1) 2020.05.29 press release_CCC outcomes_final
▫ 15.C(2) 29 May 2020 CCC Letter to DOCSec_final