Island Fishery Coordinator
Post Location: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
2-year assignment with extension possible based on performance and funding
Deadline for application: February 29, 2024, or until filled

The Western Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) is seeking an Island Fishery
Coordinator to coordinate Federal fishery management and conservation activities pertaining to
fisheries management in CNMI. This person will participate as part of a team of Council staff
based in Honolulu, Guam, American Samoa and from the staffs of other agencies.

The Council is one of eight regional Councils established by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery
Conservation and Management Act of 1976. The Council has authority over the management of
fisheries in the US Exclusive Economic Zone waters off of the Territories of American Samoa
and Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and State of Hawaii.

Primary responsibilities will be to coordinate all Council activities in the Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands and liaise with local agencies, organizations, fishing sectors and the
broader community in the development of Federal insular and pelagic fishery management

Specific duties will include:
• Coordinate and provide support for the timely development of amendments to the
Mariana Islands Fishery Ecosystem Plan and accompanying NEPA documents.
• Provide analytical support on fishery status and performance and for the development of
fishery management and conservation options based on the best scientific and community
information available;
• Liaise with the CNMI government, federal agency representatives, local fishing
associations and clubs in CNMI and international organizations (e.g. Micronesia Island
Forum, South Pacific Community) regarding fishery monitoring, management and
research activities;
• Coordinate education and outreach efforts in support of the Council programs, including
but not limited to, the Council’s high school class, lunar calendars, forums, and outreach
• Provide logistical support and coordination for Council members and Council advisors
and their participation in meetings that occur on island and/or virtually;
• Provide oversight and coordination for Council contracts, contractors and grant projects
working with Council staff, local agencies, Council family and the local community.
• Coordinate CNMI Council office operations maintaining normal business hours (Monday
through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), or as required by the Council;
• Support Council staff by providing daily on-island support and information on
programmatic activities;
• Provide regular reports to the Council staff and Executive Director;
• Other duties as assigned

Desired Minimums:
• Familiar with the purpose, role and responsibilities of the Western Pacific Fishery
Management Council, principles of Magnuson-Steven Act, NEPA, fishery management,
island fishing industry, marine ecology and environmental laws;
• Working knowledge of the US Pacific Islands, communities, culture and natural
• Ability to work efficiently with diverse groups including State and Federal agency
personnel, members of the fishing community, academic faculty, members of indigenous
communities and non-governmental organizations.
• A four-year college degree in geography, marine science, ecology, resource management,
planning or other closely related field of science and/or previous work experience in
environmental planning, marine or fisheries management, research, monitoring, or other
resource management experience/training;
• Ability to write clearly and succinctly, clearly communicate complex issues to non-
technical audiences and work professionally with people from diverse scientific and
technical backgrounds.
• Ability to work industriously with minimal supervision in situations where multiple tasks
are required within limited time constraints;
• Have detailed working knowledge of and relations with the local fishery agencies, federal
fishery agencies, and fishing and seafood communities in the CNMI;
• Have demonstrated ability and expertise to efficiently work independently; and
• Be available to start in February 2024

SALARY: Commensurate upon experience.

TERM: This announcement is for a two-year appointment. Extension of the appointment beyond
two years may be possible, based on available funding and employee performance.

LOCATION: Duty post is Saipan, CNMI. The main Council office is located in Honolulu,
Hawaii. Travel may be required to attend meetings in throughout the Region (Hawaii, American
Samoa, Guam and the CNMI) and other domestic and international locations.

To Apply: Submit a letter of interest and current resume which highlights relevant experience,
training, and education. No format is prescribed. References should be included; however, letters
of recommendation, education transcripts, and similar supporting documents are not requested at
this time.

Applications or inquiries should be emailed to: