The Hawaii FEP was approved in 2009 and codified in 2010.

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Click here for Appendix 1 – Essential Fish Habitat Descriptions for Western Pacific Archipelagic and Remote Island Areas Fishery Ecosystem Plan Management Unit Species

The Council adopted a living document approach to organizing the Hawaii Archipelago FEP at its 164th meeting, and adopted revised goals and objectives for the Hawaii Archipelago FEP at its 165th meeting. This amendment is currently under development.


Amendment Amendment Type Federal Register Notice / Publication date Description of Action


FEP 11/01/18
84 FR 2767
Reclassifying certain management unit species as escosystem Component species
81 FR 7494
Amendment refining the descriptions of Essential Fish Habitat and Habitat Areas of Particular Concern for Hawaii Archipelago bottomfish and seamount groundfish management unit species.
Omnibus amendment that establishes a mechanism for specifying annual catch limits.

75 FR 69015

Hancock Seamounts Moratorium Amendment. Establishes the Hancock Seamounts Ecosystem Management Area as well as continues the moratorium on armorhead and other seamount groundfish until the armorhead stock is rebuilt.
75 FR 54044
CDP Amendment. Establishes eligibility requirements and procedures for reviewing and approving community development plans. The intent is to promote participation of island communities in fisheries that they traditionally depend on, but may not have the capabilities to support continued and substantial participation. A second final rule was published 11/05/10 in which OMB approved the collection-of-information requirements (75 FR 68199).