September 20, 2022 – September 22, 2022 all-day Pacific/Honolulu Timezone
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
2005 Kalia Road Honolulu
Hawaii 96815

Date: Sept. 20-21, 2022 (T-W)            Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Hawaii)
…………….……………… …… …     Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (American Samoa)
Sept. 21-22, 2022 (W-Th)      … …… Time: 5:00 am to 1:00 pm (Marianas)

Sept. 22, 2022 (Th)                                 Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (Hawaii)
………………………     …  …  …    …Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 am (American Samoa)
Sept. 23, 2022 (F)     …       ………      Time: 5:00 am to 9:00 am (Marianas)
Location: Hybrid for Members and Public; In-person attendance will be hosted at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, Coral IV Ballroom, Honolulu, HI. For meeting location and parking information, please view  – 192nd Council Meeting Map with Parking.

If you are planning to attend the 192nd Council meeting in-person, please follow the COVID Policy.

Both audio and visual portions of the web conference can be accessed at:
Event number: 2463 841 8576
Event password: CM192mtg (26192685 from phones)

Instructions for audio connection: WebEx provides the option for connecting audio via your computer or a WebEx telephone number. Both options will work. If you are using the WebEx telephone number, please sign into WebEx via your computer first to obtain a participant number. If you do not have computer/internet access, contact 808-522-8220 for assistance.

Instructions for making public comment: To present oral testimony or comments in-person at this meeting, fill-out a comment card, and indicate the agenda item on which you wish to speak.  Cards are available at the sign-in desk outside the Council meeting room. To present oral testimony or comments by WebEx, request for public comment must be sent through the “chat” function in WebEx to the “Host” prior to the start of the public comment session, and during the comment period verbally indicate the agenda item on which you wish to speak. Oral testimony is limited to three minutes. Please identify yourself and whom you represent at the beginning of your testimony. Public comments on non-agenda items will be taken on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, from 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. (HST).

Written comments on final action items should be received at the Council office by 5 p.m. (HST), Friday, September 16, 2022. Written comments may be submitted by e-mail to info@wpcouncil.org, faxed to (808) 522-8226 or mailed to the Council office at 1164 Bishop St., Suite 1400, Honolulu, HI 96813. Written public comments on all other agenda items may be submitted for the record by email throughout the duration of the meeting.

Please note that the evolving public health situation regarding COVID-19 may affect the conduct of the September Council and its associated meetings. At this time, the Council anticipates convening the Standing Committee meetings as a hybrid format for members and by web conference for public attendance, and the Council meeting as an in-person meeting for members and public with a web conference attendance option. If public participation options will be modified, the Council will post a notice on this page.

192nd CM FR Notice with Correction
192nd CM WPRFMC Agenda
192nd Council Meeting Summary of Action Items
192nd Council Meeting COVID Policy
192nd Council Meeting Map with Parking

Press Release – Council Rebukes Proposal to Expand Marine National Monument in Pacific (22 September 2022)
Press Release: Council to Solicit Input from Community on NWHI Fishing Regulations, Requests Support for Purse Seiners in American Samoa (23 September 2022)

Available Meeting documents by day
Day 1         Day 2         Day 3

Day 1
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Time No. Agenda Item  
9:00 AM 1           Welcome and Introductions
9:10 AM 2           Opening Remarks: Keone Nakoa, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular and International Affairs
  02.1 Council Family List
9:30 AM 3           Oath of Office – New Council Members
9:35 AM 4           Approval of the 192nd CM Agenda
  04.1rev3 PUBLIC 192CM WPRFMC Agenda_091922
04.2rev1 192nd CM FR Notice with Correction
04.3rev1 Pelagic and International SC 192nd Agenda PUBLIC
04.4 PUBLIC AGENDA Executive Budget Standing Committee
04.5 FRIP Agenda_public
9:40 AM 5           Approval of the 191st CM Meeting Minutes
  05.3 Report of the 145th SSC Meeting_wAppendix
9:45 AM 6           Executive Director’s Report
7        Agency Reports
7.A National Marine Fisheries Service
10:00 AM 7.A.1 NMFS Headquarters
10:20 AM 7.A.2 Pacific Islands Regional Office
07.A.2(1) PIRO 192 Council Report
10:30 AM 7.A.3 Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
07.A.3(1) 145th SSC & 192nd CM PIFSC Report
10:40 AM 7.B NOAA Office of General Counsel Pacific Islands Section
07.B(1) 192 Council Meeting_GCPI Report
7.C Enforcement
07.C.3(1) GCES CASES 192nd Council Meeting
10:50 AM 7.C.1 US Coast Guard
07.C.1(1) USCG_Agency Report 192 WESPAC – September 2022
11:00 AM 7.C.2 NOAA Office of Law Enforcement
11:10 AM 7.C.3 NOAA Office of General Counsel Enforcement Section
11:20 AM 7.D US State Department
07.D(1) State Dept Report to 192 Council Meeting
11:30 AM 7.E US Fish and Wildlife Service
07.E(1) USFWS 192CM Report
11:40 AM 7.F Public Comment
11:50 AM 7.G Council Discussion and Action

 Lunch Break (12 Noon – 1:30 PM)

8          Protected Species
8.A Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultations
1:30 PM 8.A.1 Status of the Hawaii Deep-set and American Samoa Longline Fishery Draft Biological Opinions
1:50 PM 8.A.2 Final Bottomfish Fishery Biological Opinion
08.A.2(1) Final Bottomfish BiOp
2:10 PM 8.B False Killer Whales Interaction and Depredation Analysis
08.B(1) FKW depredation and SEZ closure analysis report
2:30 PM 8.C ESA and MMPA Updates
2:45 PM 8.D Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
8.D.1   Advisory Panel
08.D.1(1) GU AP SEP Mtg Report
08.D.1(2) FINAL SEPT CNMI AP Report
8.D.2   Fishing Industry Advisory Committee
08.D.2(1) Fishing Industry Advisory Committee Meeting Report 192nd CM
8.D.3   Non-Commercial Fishing Advisory Committee
08.D.3(1) Report of the Sep NCFAC Mtg
8.D.4   Scientific & Statistical Committee
8.D.5   Pelagic and International Standing Committee
08.D.5(1)rev1 Pelagic & International Standing Committee Report 192 CM
3:00 PM 8.E Public Comment
3:10 PM 8.F Council Discussion and Action


Break 3:20-3:30 PM

9          Hawai‘i Archipelago & Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIA)  
3:30 PM 9.A Moku Pepa
3:45 PM 9.B DLNR/DAR Report (Legislation, Enforcement)
09.B(1) DLNR-DAR 192nd Island Report
4:00 PM 9.C Alternatives for Fisheries Management Measures in the NWHI (Initial Action)
09.C(1)rev3 DRAFT NWHI Fishing Measures Alternatives for 192nd CM Action
09.C(2) Proposed NWHI Fishing Regulations Timeline
4:20 PM 9.D Development of Status Determination Criteria for the Hawaii Kona Crab Fishery
09.D(1)-REV1 Options Paper for Establishing Kona Crab SDC
4:35 PM 9.E Report on Uku EFH WPSAR
09.E(1) UKU EFH WPSAR Report w Annexes
09.E(2) Franklin 2022 Level 1 Uku EFH Modeling
09.E(3) Tanaka et al 2022 Tech Memo Level 2 Uku EFH Modeling
4:45 PM 9.F Update on Green Turtle Management
09.F.1(1) Report of the 10th IAC COP_USdel
4:50 PM 9.G Pacific Remote Island Marine National Monument Expansion Update
09.G(1) PRIC Proposal PRIMNM
09.G(2) PIFN Aug 2022 PRIMNM Expansion Proposal FINAL
5:00 PM 9.H Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
9.H.1   Advisory Panel
09.H(1) Final Report AUG HI AP Mtg
9.H.2   Fishing Industry Advisory Committee
9.H.3   Non-Commercial Fishing Advisory Committee
9.H.4   Scientific & Statistical Committee
9.H.5 Fishing Rights of Indigenous Peoples Standing Committee
5:10 PM 9.I Public Comment
09.I(1) Public Comment on NWHI Regs_PMNM CWG
09.I(2) NWHI CRER RAC Recs
5:20 PM 9.J Council Discussion and Action

Day 2
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Time No. Agenda Item  
10      Program Planning and Research   
10.2 Goethel et al. 2022_Oceans of Plenty Challenges Advancements and Future Directions for Evidence Based Management.pd 08.18.2022  
9:00 AM 10.A National Legislative Report
10.A.1 Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
10.A(1) Legislative Tracking Matrix_192CM
10.A.1(1) Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
10.A.1(2) HR 5376 – Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
10.A.2 American Fisheries Advisory Committee Nominations
10.A.2(1) American Fisheries Advisory Committee Nominations FR Notice
9:15 AM 10.B Alternatives for an Aquaculture Management Framework in the Western Pacific (Final Action)
10.B(1) Alternatives for an Aqauculture Management Framework in the Western Pacific (Final Action)
9:45 AM 10.C Status Update on Territorial BMUS Revision
10.C(1)_Rev1 Status Update on the BMUS Territorial Revision_Final
9:55 AM 10.D Update on the National Saltwater Recreational Fishing Policy
10.D(1) 2015 National Saltwater Recreational Fishing Policy
10.D(2) Rec Fish Policy Discussion guide 8-17-22 (Final)
10.E Improving the Collection of Hawaii Recreational Catch and Effort Data
10.E(1) HMRFS_FES_Questionnaire
10.E(2) HMRFS_Intercept Survey Form 2022
10:05 AM 10.F Report of the 7th National Scientific Coordination Subcommittee Meeting
10.F(1) WP SCS7 Report & Session Summaries
10:15 AM 10.G Preparations for the Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Workshop
10.G(1)_Rev1 Council_PIRO_PIFSC EBFM Workshop_Draft Agenda
10:25 AM 10.H Regional Communications & Outreach Report
10.H(1)rev1 Regional Comm-Outreach Report
10:35 AM 10.I Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
10.I.1 Advisory Panel
10.I.2 Fishing Industry Advisory Committee
10.I.3 Non-Commercial Fishing Advisory Committee
10.I.4 Scientific & Statistical Committee
10:45 AM 10.J Public Comment
10:55 AM 10.K Council Discussion and Action

 Break 11:05-11:15AM

11      Pelagic & International Fisheries
11:15 AM 11.A PacIOOS Updates
11.A(1) PacIOOS Voyager Handout 08.20.15
11.A(2) PacIOOS_Voyager_Tips_Tricks_2017 (1)
11:35 AM 11.B Hawaii Longline Semi-Annual Report
11.B(1) Hawaii Longline Fishery Mid-2022 Report
11:50 AM 11.C American Samoa Longline Semi-Annual Report
11.C(1) American Samoa Longline Fishery Mid-2022 Report
12:05 PM 11.D American Samoa Large Vessel Prohibited Area (LVPA) Performance Review
11.D(1)_rev1 American Samoa Fishery Performance & LVPA Timeline

Lunch Break (12:20 – 1:50 PM)

11.E International Fisheries Issues
11.E(0) WCPFC 2022 LL BET Catch limit FR Notice
1:50 PM 11.E.1   Increasing Influence of China in Pacific Islands
2:10 PM 11.E.2   UN Ocean Conference and BBNJ
11.E.2(1) UN Ocean Conference Report 2022
11.E.2(2) In Case You Missed It_ Biden-Harris Administration Works with Global Partners to Drive Ocean Action -The White House
2:25 PM 11.E.3   ISC 2022 Working Groups and Plenary
11.E.3(2) ISC22_ANNEX14_Modeling_improvements_for_Striped_Marlin
2:35 PM 11.E.4   WCPFC 18th Science Committee
11.E.4(1) WCPFC SC18 Management Issues Theme Recommendations (adopted)
2:45 PM 11.E.5   US Permanent Advisory Committee to WCPFC
11.E.5(1) June 8 PAC summary report_final_07_29_22
11.E.5(2) WCPFC Science Manager Dialogue SMD01 Objectives
2:55 PM 11.F Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
11.F.1   Advisory Panel
11.F.2   Fishing Industry Advisory Committee
11.F.3   Non-Commercial Fishing Advisory Committee     Dean Sensui
11.F.4   Scientific & Statistical Committee
11.F.5   Pelagic and International Standing Committee
3:10 PM 11.G Public Comment
3:25 PM 11.H Council Discussion and Action

 Break 3:40-3:50PM

12      American Samoa Archipelago
3:50 PM 12.A Motu Lipoti
4:00 PM 12.B DMWR Report
12.B(1) DMWR Report for 192nd CM
4:15 PM 12.C Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
12.C.1   Advisory Panel
12.C.1(1) FINAL Report SEP AS AP Mtg Agenda
12.C.2   Fishing Industry Advisory Committee
12.C.3   Scientific & Statistical Committee
4:25 PM 12.D Public Comment
4:35 PM 12.E Council Discussion and Action

4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.          Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

(approximate time; remaining agenda items for the day may shift)

Day 3
Thursday, September 22, 2022
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

No. Agenda Item  
13      Mariana Archipelago 
13.A CNMI  
9:00 AM 13.A.1   Arongol Falú
9:15 AM 13.A.2   DLNR/DFW Report
13.A.2(1)-Rev1 DLNR-DFW Report
13.A.2(2) CILI Update Multifaceted-Approach-Data-Infrastructure
13.B Guam  
9:30 AM 13.B.1   DoAg/DAWR Report
13.B.1(1) DOAG DAWR 192nd Council Meeting Report
9:45 AM 13.B.2   Isla Informe
13.B.2(1) Isla Informe
10:00 AM 13.C Advisory Group Report and Recommendations
13.C.1   Advisory Panel
13.C.2   Fishing Industry Advisory Committee
13.C.3   Non-Commercial Fishing Advisory Committee
13.C.4   Scientific & Statistical Committee
10:10 AM 13.D Public Comment
13.D(1) GFCA’s comment on EEJ
10:20 AM 13.E Council Discussion and Action


Break 10:30-11:00AM

14      Administrative Matters   
11:00 AM 14.A Financial Reports
11:10 AM 14.B Administrative Reports
11:15 AM 14.C Council Program Planning Update
14.C(1) Staff Planning Exercise_EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
11:30 AM 14.D Council Family Changes
14.D.1   Advisory Panel Solicitation Review
11:45 AM 14.E Meetings and Workshops
11:55 AM 14.F Standing Committee Report
12:00 PM 14.G Public Comment
12:05 PM 14.H Council Discussion and Action
15      Other Business